Manage your properties quicker and more efficiently than ever with the new standard in property management software. Property Connection allows you to easily utilize powerful property and tenant management features, in addition to a full-featured accounting system. With Property Connection, you'll be able to track rent activities, unit availability, vendor and contractor payables, and print over 100 property management and financial reports. And with Property Connection's built-in report tool, you'll be able to create your own custom management reports in minutes to further simplify your duties!

Right on the main screen, you can navigate all of your properties, units and tenants through our Windows Explorer-style Property Explorer.  The Property Explorer allows you to see all of your properties listed. Clicking on any of them expands the list to show all of the units under that property, and a click on the unit expands to show the tenants present in that unit. Double-click any of the properties, units, or tenants listed and have the information card for them displayed. Or, switch from Property View to Tenant View to see all of your tenants listed.  And simply right-clicking your mouse in the Property Explorer allows you to add, modify, delete, create charges, or view a photo of the property, unit, or tenant!

In addition to viewing all of your properties, units, and tenants right through the main screen, you can access a list of all units associated with a property by opening up that property. The property card displays the address, total square footage, and tons of other information that you would require about the property. It also displays a list of units so you'll know at a glance which of them are available, or who is occupying them. Need to add a new property? Simply right click on the Property Explorer and select New Property from the menu, or click File, New Property.  It's that simple!

The unit screen displays all of the information that you would need to know to effectively manage that unit. From the total square feet to the price per square foot, to the recurring charges and lease details, all of the information you need is a simple mouse click away.  Check the availability of the unit and its type, the current occupant if any, and add, modify, and delete recurring charge information.

The tenant screen contains a wealth of information about your current tenants, as well as your past and future tenants.  Store personal information, their unit preference (if not a current tenant), or their actual unit, their lease info, any special billing information, notes about the tenant, and even view their photo!

Property Connection is backed by Blue Crystal Software Corporation's award- winning technical support department, which operates toll-free 24-hours a day at no additional charge!  In addition, as our programming team enhances the software, you will receive free updates via our web site for the life of your product.  We also offer free data conversion from any competitor's product. 

Need a feature added to Property Connection? Just ask!  Our success is based on your needs!  All requests and suggestions are incorporated into our updates, at no additional cost to you.  Also included in Property Connection:
  • Custom report writer
  • Complete standard reporting
  • Default city and state
  • Complete accounting system
  • Fully integrated word processor
  • Automatic charge creation
  • Right-click support throughout
  • Tons of financial reports
  • Free networking capability
  • Changeable backgrounds

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